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At Maber Construction we offer a full cycle of services.  Mechanical services we offer; Boiler House Installation, Heating, Hot & Cold Water Ventilation & Ducting, Boosted Water Installation. Water Tank Works, Plumbing Services, Air-Conditioning, Controls Installation, Gas Service & Maintenance, Design / Budget Costing as well as service and maintenance. We know that mechanical and electrial systems have a major impact on the long-term value of a building.  

Our experienced team selects the most appropriate heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems to meet each client's need,  ensuring we meet a balance of delivering a high quality service as well as providing the best value.  By combining Mechanical & Electrical services under one contract, Maber Construction is able to provide considerable savings.  The real advantage for the client is having just one port of call which serves for a better line of communication and a cohesive project timeline structure, that keeps projects on track and within budget.

Our aim is always to be fully present on a project and not just in the background, just by simply offering a price of a set of drawings.  We prefer a team approach, a parterning style from the beginning to the end of a project.

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